About Canada Beach Sports

Canada Beach Sports believes that life really is better at the beach.  That’s why we brought the sand to the city to get people excited about playing again.

At Canada Beach Sports, we’re just like most Canadians…we love the beach and we love to play fun active games.  We also recognize the challenges that most Canadians face when it comes to enjoying sand and getting active.


 Most of us don’t have access to local beach sand, can’t find exciting new ways to get active and can’t find engaging programs that get children off their devices and playing outdoors.


Our facility is truly unique and designed to solve those challenges.  Our setup does not limit us to any specific sport which permits us to offer a variety of beach sports and games to get you excited about playing again.  That also allows us to consistently improve our leagues, programs and camps to ensure that we offer what you want.  Additionally, we are located just minutes from highway 410, allowing for easy local access to our beach sports facility within the region of peel and surrounding areas.  And you thought we didn’t have enough beaches, eh?


Our Passion…

To be the first to introduce and assist in the growth of new and exciting beach sports such as beach soccer, beach flag football, beach volleyball, beach tennis and many more by bringing them to local Canadian communities through leagues, kids programs, camps and initiatives.


Our Mission…

To get people of all ages and abilities excited about playing again.  We want community members to build life long active and social lifestyles with three ingredients that spark happiness…sun, sand and sports.


Our Vision…

To bring people together everywhere by bringing the best beach sports games and activities played around the world right into the local Canadian communities.


Our Promise…

To be leaders at continuously providing innovative, fun and exciting games to Canadians to help get them active and social.  In fact, while you are reading this, we are out there somewhere looking for the next big beach game to bring to you.


Why choose Canada Beach Sports?

Have you ever pictured yourself diving for a football in the end zone for a touchdown? Or diving to head a soccer ball into the net for that spectacular goal? Now picture doing this while landing in plush soft sand. Sounds right doesn’t it? We all have hectic lives and try our best to be active and social but let’s be honest…does running for 30 minutes on a treadmill sound exciting to you? You choose Canada Beach Sports because you are excited to try something new, something that’s never been offered before and because you want to get active outdoors with friends at the one place you wish you were right now….THE BEACH.

“Playing just got better!”