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Can Active Kids

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What is Can Active Kids?

Can Active Kids is a multi-sport kids program that promotes physical literacy.  The program will introduce children to a variety of sports and games which allow children to learn fine motor skills while developing important social skills.  The program will be super fun, non-competitive and full of positive encouragement.  CBS introduces Can Active kids using a three pronged approach:

1. Help kids associate sports and physical activity with fun. 

2. Teach fine motor skills to develop physical literacy while building social skills.

3. Build young confident athletes who’ll go on to live long active lifestyles.

The benefits of a multi-sport program for youth have been proven to show the following benefits:

  • Higher levels of self esteem
  • Ability to focus over longer periods
  • Better academic performance
  • Better social skills
  • More likely to continue active lifestyles as adults
  • Better overall athletes in later stages of physical development

General Info

What we are offering

Canada Beach Sports will introduce a multi-sport curriculum as part of their Can-Active Kids program.  All sessions are tailored to focus on physical activity and maximum excitement.

Summer Dates 2017

Can Active Kids begins Saturday June 10th, 2017 and runs every Saturday during the summer (not including long weekends). That’s a lot of Beach fun!

Age Groups

Group 1: Ages 5 & 6

Group 2: Ages 7 & 8

Group 3: Ages 9 & 10


Can Active Kids begins at 9:00am.

Safety in Sun

We are an outdoor facility. Children must wear shirts and sunscreen. (Recommened SPF 30).

Dress Code

Please bring your child in running shoes for safe walking to our beach.  All activities will be done bare foot on the soft sand.

What to bring to Can Active Kids

• Water bottle, plenty of water

• Change of clothes and jacket or sweater

• Sunscreen

• Towel

Do not bring electronics such as phones, tablets, ipads etc. We will be playing fun games and participants will not be using them.

• Canada Beach Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Weather: Rain or Shine

It is up to parents to decide if they wish to send their child/children to Can Active Kids on rainy days.  During rain, we will continue our program outdoors wherever possible, and your child must come dressed for the weather.

No refunds will be granted for rain as all programs and staff will run as planned.

Additional Information

For additional information please email us at


Canada Beach Sports will introduce the below sports and games as part of their Can-Active Kids program.  The below list is not a schedule of each week, but a showcase into some of the fun games in-store for the kids!

Beach Volleyball

Introduction to Beach Volleyball through fun drills and games.

Dino Digs / Sand Bucket Relays

Team work is fundamental for this week as kids work together to complete fun challenges.

Beach Soccer

Introduction to Soccer – Beach Style through fun drills and games.

Obstacle Courses

Running, jumping, crawling and throwing are just part of these obstacle courses.

Beach Bowling / Skee Ball

Classics games, but kids will get to play a new sand version.

Beach Flag Football

Learn how to throw, catch and learn basic running patterns in the endzone for a touchdown!

Frisbee Toss/Golf

Discover the fun of frisbee toss and games like golf!

Parachute Games

Entertainment and excitement with a parachute. Need we say more?

Beach Badminton/Tennis

Introduction into beach badminton and tennis while focusing on team work!

Handball / Dodgeball

Fun beach twist on these classic games. Full of movement and teamwork.

Beach Olympics

The last day is reserved for a day filled with exciting olympic sports on sand.

Can Active Kids:
Multi – Sport & Game Curriculum

Can Active Kids Starts Saturday June 10th!

Days: Saturdays (not including long weekends)

Start Time: 9:00am

Weeks: 10 Week Program

Fees: $5 per Drop In Session

Ages: 5-10

Limited spots available. Get there early!

Date Schedule:      

Week 1 – June 10th

Week 2 – June 17th

Week 3 – June 24th

Week 4 – July 8th

Week 5 – July 15th                 

Week 6 – July 22nd

Week 7 – July 29th

Week 8 – Aug 12th

Week 9 – Aug 19th

Week 10 – Aug 26th

PARENTS will be responsible for PAYMENT and SIGN IN before CHILD can participate.