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Canada Beach Sports Kids Camp is an outdoor day camp with fun activities played in the sand. Think of it as a beach resort for kids!  But it’s not all sand and games, we do let the kids rest up indoors during break and lunch so when we are outside they are having a blast!  There are plenty of other fun activities to enjoy while at CBS Kids Camp.  Offsite visits to local attractions and special onsite visitors will keep these young ones entertained all week.  Have a look at the some of the age specific activities that will provide these campers with SUN, SAND AND THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

Camp Programs


Ages 4 – 5

Exciting beach activities designed for kids to have fun, get active, learn and most importantly burn all that energy, (we got your back mom and dad).  Kids will learn some really neat stuff that they will tell you all about on the car ride home.  We keep it positive, so expect a lot of high fives when participating in some of these activities:

  • Mini beach sports
  • Arts & crafts in the sand
  • Playground games
  • Offsite day trips
  • Dino Digs
  • Splash pad visits
  • Science experiments
  • On site special visitors
  • Gymnastics

And so much more…

Campers will have a blast as they continue to build on their physical literacy, social skills and self esteem.  You’ll hear all about it from them.


Ages 6 – 10

Teamwork and communication will be FUNdamental as we introduce campers to some new beach sports and activities.  The most critical ages for sports skills development, we’ll introduce them to tons of cool tricks.  And when they aren’t practicing on becoming the next star athlete, they’ll be enjoying themselves in these activities:

  • Beach sports
  • Tent games
  • Offsite day trips
  • Team building games
  • Who’s got talent?
  • On site special visitors
  • Arts & Science
  • Water Balloons
  • Obstacle races

And the list goes on…

Campers will have the chance to work in groups, meet new friends and then wave at them while they run past them to win the obstacle course race.

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Ages 11 – 13

So you’re a tween, eh?  Great time to develop some of those important skills such as trust, leadership, communication and confidence.  Our program is designed to bring out all those elements in our campers.  But the main priority is always the same – to have a blast and create memories.  And campers will with these activities:

  • Beach sports games
  • Capture the flag
  • Bocce ball
  • Offsite day trips
  • Obstacle course runs
  • Group games
  • Special onsite visitors
  • Science experiments
  • Leadership games

Just to name a few…

Campers will get to meet new friends, learn new skills, get plenty of exercise (without even noticing) and create memories to talk about when back at school.

General Information

Summer Dates 2018

Camp begins July 3rd, 2018 and runs until August 31st, 2018.  That’s nine weeks of beach fun to choose from.

Camp Hours

Camp starts at 9:00 am and runs until 4:00 pm. Early (8am) and late (5pm) drop off options are available.

Safety in Sun

We are an outdoor camp and will be outside as much as possible. Campers must wear shirts. Our Councilors will make sure they are wearing sunscreen so please remember to put some on and pack extra. Fun won’t start until sunscreen is on every camper. Don’t spoil the fun! Campers should bring sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum recommended) and a hat to camp every day.

Lunch & Snacks

Campers bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks. We are a peanut free camp. No camper should bring any nut products. Remember to send extra water.

Allergen Reduced Environment

Our camp has adopted an allergen reduced environment. Please avoid packing foods that contain common allergens such peanuts or nuts of any kind.


•  First Aid/CPR C certified staff at camp at all times
•  Experienced in camp activities and having fun
•  Participate in pre-camp training

Camp Dress Code

•  Children must come in running shoes to walk comfortably to the beach. All beach play will be done in bare feet like at the beach.

•  Comfortable clothes to play in. We recommend clothing that will be ok for sand use.

•  All campers’ towels, bags and clothing should be labelled.

•  Outdoor weather appropriate clothing is highly recommended.

•  Sunscreen and hats are mandatory.

•  Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items brought to camp.

What to bring to Summer Camp

•  All items should be packed in a back pack labelled with your child’s first and last name.

•  Water bottle, Sports Drinks or Juice.

•  Change of clothes and jacket or sweater.

•  Sunscreen and bug spray.

•  Lunch and snacks. (extra snack for late pick-up)– PEANUT FREE.

•  Pack all food and drinks in a cooler bag.

•  Running shoes. Your child must wear running shoes to participate in some activities that are not beach related if necessary.

•  Beach Towel.

•  Do not bring electronics such as phones, tablets, ipads etc. We will be playing fun games and campers will not be using them.

•  Canada Beach Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Weather: Rain or Shine

It is up to parents to decide if they wish to send their children to camp on such days.  During rain we will continue our program outdoors wherever possible, and your child must come dressed for the weather. There are planned programs in place in the event campers cannot be outside due to weather.

No refunds will be granted for rain as all programs and staff will run as planned.

Special recommendations for 1-to-1 attention

Our goal is to offer our exciting summer camp for all children to enjoy. If your child requires 1-to-1 attention, our doors are opened to behavioural therapists, care-givers or even siblings to assist with the child’s needs throughout the day. All we ask is to be notified in advance with all personal information in regards to the child and the selected caregiver.

Additional Information

For additional information please email us at

Camp Safety

Camp Safety

Safety is a priority at Canada Beach Sports.  We have rules our staff must follow and it is essential you review the below points to ensure that together we attain not only a fun camp, but a safe camp as well.

Camper’s Code

Campers should respect each other, staff, facility and equipment. This means:

•  No teasing or bullying of any camper, guest or staff member.

•  No destroying camp equipment.

•  Facility must be kept clean at all times. All disposables will be placed in the garbage or recycling. 

•  No violent or abusive behaviour. This means physical or verbal behavior.

•  No inappropriate communication of any kind to camp staff.

•  Follow all safety procedures outlined by staff.

Any camper that does not follow the Campers Code and behaves in anyway  that compromises the safety, security of any camper, staff or themselves will be removed from the camp immediately with No Refund. Fun and safety are priorities at camp and we will not tolerate any behaviour of this kind.


• First Aid/CPR C certified staff at camp at all times.

• Only registered campers, guests and staff allowed at camp.

• We have a defibrillator on site.

Staff to Camper Ratio

• Ages 4 – 5 — 8:1

• Ages 6 – 10 — 10:1

• Ages 11 – 13 — 12:1

Drop Off and Pick Up

•  You will be required to sign your child into camp every day. Staff will take attendance. Please provide any names of persons you have authorized to drop off or pick up your child.

•  Please provide as much notice as possible if any changes will occur for drop off or pick up. We want no confusion regarding drop off or pick up as we have specific safety measures in place.

•  You will receive an email prior to camp start on your councilor’s name and information, as well as your shirt colour. This will be the person you will check in with.

Allergies and Medication

• For the complete safety of your child we must be made aware of any allergies of medical concerns. Upon registering, please indicate any such concerns in the comments box so we can update the camper’s profile.  

• Any camper requiring medication such as Inhalers, EpiPen or Insulin during camp hours are required to fill out and sign a Medication Form and email it to camp@canadabeachsports. If possible, medication should be taken at home under supervision. 

• All medication should be provided in its original container and those carrying an Inhaler or EpiPen should have it in a carry pack on them at all times. Additional Inhalers or EpiPens must be provided to camp staff. We are not responsible for lost or damaged medication.

• We are a peanut free camp. Do not send your child with any peanuts or nut products.  This can ruin camp for another child. If your child does come to camp with products containing nuts, they will be asked to leave it unopened until the end of camp, or be removed from their group for the remainder of the day for the safety of campers around them.


Depending on the level of seriousness, one or more of following courses of action will take place if your child has become ill or injured during camp:

•  A phone call to a parent at work during the day to report the illness or injury.

•  Report and discuss at pick-up of your child/children.

•  Call parent or guardian for pickup of child.

•  Providing First Aid treatment.

•  Calling EMS for appropriate health care.


We are an outdoor camp and will be outside as much as possible. We do have indoor shelter available if it becomes too hot or when weather becomes unsafe. We have activities planned in the event we must go indoors.  It is up to the parents to decide whether or not to send their child to camp in the event of inclement weather.  Parents should dress their child in appropriate clothing.

The Beach has an impressive geo-tech drainage system designed to absorb and filter out water quickly to allow for dry sand and maximum playing time.

Lunch, Snacks and Washroom Breaks

• Always in groups and accompanied by Camp Staff to ensure safety and hand washing.

• Snacks, Lunch will be eaten in camp groups at designated times with Camp Staff present.

Dates, Rates and Registration

Camp Hours

• Starts: 9am

• Ends: 4pm

Late / Early Drop Off

For you convenience we do offer early and late drop off. Please choose from the drop down menu upon registration if you would like to add these services.

• Early Drop Off (8am): $20wk

• Late Pick up (5pm): $20/wk

• Both Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up: $35/wk

Registration Info

To ensure the success and safety of this camp for the kids we have limited the number of children that can be registered per week.  Don’t let your child miss out on SUN, SAND and the BEST SUMMER EVER.

• Please review our camp safety and camper’s code prior to registering. 

Please take a few moments to review our waiver. Upon registration you will be asked to sign off indicating you have read in full.

Registration dates

Registration Begins: January 29th, 2018

• Registration Ends: May 31st, 2018 or until spots are filled.

Cancellation Policy – Refunds will be given up to June 15th with a single charge of $35 per camper for administration of the cancellation.  No refund will be given after this date. 

Payment Options

For your convenience we have credit card and email transfer payment options available. You will be directed to our registration page.  Please follow the registration tips in regards to payment options.

Register For Camp Week

REGISTERING MULTIPLE CHILDREN OR FOR MULTIPLE WEEKS?  Contact us for a coupon code and let us help you save!!


Week/Dates Days Camp Fee Early Drop Off (8am) Late Pick Up (5pm) Early Drop Off+Late Pick Up

Week 1: July 3 – July 6 4 $175 HST $195 + HST $195 + HST $210 +HST

Week 2: July 9 – July 13 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Week 3: July 16 – July 20 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Week 4: July 23- July 27 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Week 5: July 30 – August 3 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Week 6: August 7 – August 10 4 $175 HST $195 + HST $195 + HST $210 + HST

Week 7: August 13 – August 17 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Week 8: August 20 – August 24 5 $210 + HST $230 + HST $230 + HST $245 + HST

Forms & Downloads